Fast and effective e-learning

Educate and effectively train your teams using our fun, immersive and engaging serious games.

Immerse your employees in realistic and interactive scenarios: they become the key players in their training!

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The serious game experience

Our serious games simulate problems encountered in the workplace to educate your employees.

Immersive and engaging

Immersive and engaging

Key concepts and game mechanics are seamlessly integrated into a realistic scenario so the learner can effortlessly enhance their skills during the session. The learner receives instantaneous feedback, keeping them motivated and engaged throughout the training session

Fast and adaptive

Fast and adaptive

Our serious games consist of short modules to facilitate on-demand training and maximise concentration. Employees can easily fit learning sessions into their schedule for better organisation and time management compared to traditional classroom-based training.

Effective and measurable

Effective and measurable

The learner, represented by an avatar, can identify and then reproduce the expected behaviour in a real-life situation. They can monitor their progress based on rewards: scores, badges, unlocking of new missions, etc. Detailed statistics allow them to monitor their performance.

The Gamabu recipe

One conviction: use gamification to stimulate learning

Our serious games and game mechanics are designed according to flow theory. The combination of short term objectives, instantaneous educational feedback, and an immersive and realistic universe foster employee motivation and the memorisation of concepts.

A multidisciplinary team at your service

Our scriptwriters, designers, developers and our R&D team combine their expertise to create turnkey games or assist you with your customised serious game project from the design stage, as part of a co-creation approach.


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Want to see a demo? Have a question? Specific learning needs? Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our serious games!

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Gamabu, creator of serious games

Our name is pronounced gah-mah-boo,

a contraction of “Game” and “Manabu”, which means “learning” in Japanese.

And the frog?

As a symbol of transformation, it features in many tales and fables

and is the perfect emblem for our serious games !

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